Friday, July 15, 2011

The difference between boys and girls

At one point today all the girls where in princess dresses teaching each other how to dance as one princess (McKinney) wailed that she had forgotten how to twirl. Oh, the horror!

Wanting to join the party, but being a boy, of course Beckham came out in a giraff mask and holding a foam sword.

 Of course. Isn't that what you always think of pairing with a bunch of dancing princesses?

They claimed he was their pet giraff.

He agreed, but only if they would conceed that occasionally their pet giraff had a problem controlling his desire to weld the sword and might possibly lunge at them with it.

All parties concerned felt that was a fine comprimise.

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Megs said...

cute stuff! What a great picture to have documenting cousin fun! I'm missing out!