Friday, July 29, 2011

Gettin' Crazy

Kevin's home!!!!!

The kids were SO excited to see him coming down the escalator at the airport.

I was so excited to see him tucking kids in bed!

On another note, look who convinced his mom that summer time is a good time to get crazy with the hair styles.

He's been begging for this cut for months. It was a good compromise considering that what he really wanted was to be bald. As in Bic it please bald...just to see what it was like.

He is one happy boy.


Chrissy said...

Nice 'do Beckham! On a side note, you could let him go bald if you really wanted to. He has a very nicely shaped head... :)

Lawson Family said...

Did Tennyson want the same look? Beckham looks beyond happy!

So glad Kevin's home! Now on to your next trip!

Sarah said...

Mohawks are awesome!