Friday, July 22, 2011

Party Hardy

My very thoughtful sister, but which one you say as they are both very thoughtful?

You have a point.

My very thoughtful sister who lives in the same state as me, called to ask how she could help the kids and I enjoy the holiday weekend.

We decided a BBQ, the parade, which happens to go nearly passed her house, and a big fireworks show were in order.

The kids loved every. last. second of it. Even the scorching hot conditions of the parade. Sanders could not get enough of the police cars, motorcycles, and the floats. Oh my, but those floats put and extra sparkle in that kid's eye.

We just got back from a very long, enjoyable, fireworks show. All the kids were in heaven, but especially Sanders. He was either transfixed or giving a running commentary on the glory that he was witnessing.

We got home at 11 pm and they were all begging to be put to bed...well, the ones that were still awake anyway.

I'd say that means the day was successful.

Thank you, Megs, for helping me create some amazing memories for my kids!

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