Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm on a journey. A journey to go blond. But because I am so dark...well, naturally. And because I have SO much color on my hair, I'm going gray, I can't just bleach the whole thing. It has to be a process. But the good news is I AM blonder. 
Is  that even a word?

The before and afters aren't really dramatic, but here you go.



Karaia took all the pictures. Good job Karaia. Oh and please excuse the teenager skin. I should just photoshop the heck out of my face, but I'm too lazy and not vain enough I guess.


Tobi said...

Cute! Are you hoping to go completely blonde? I like the dark dark underneath. It looks sassy!

Tobi said...

(But just the dark once, not the "dark dark".)

April Weeks said...

Looks very nice.I like it. I was wondering who took the pictures. She did well. That's your new sweater you got in Co. It looks very cute too.

Lawson Family said...

Yes, I love the sweater-can't imagine wearing with our temps right what did your hear dresser say about gonig all the way blond?