Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some lovely and not so lovely things

Wow. Are you as impressed with my title as I am? I thought so.

The lovely things are:

1) Kevin will be  home by 4 pm tomorrow!!! I totally thought he was going to be home closer to 9pm. Sweet!!

2) My designs are officially finished! I still am unsure of what I will name them. I swear it's just like naming a baby and I find that task very challenging.

3) For the first time since Saturday I was able to get out of the house for an hour. I kid you not. I had not sat my rear end in that van since Saturday night. Thank you mom!

Not so lovely:

1) Tennyson started eating today. HIP HIP HOORAY. His poor body looks so skeletal it's very unnerving. But because he started eating it all started coming out the other liquid, putrid form. At one point he tried to clean himself up. YUCK! Sanders has had similar issues in that department today, not with cleaning himself up, but with liquid sludge coming out the back end.

I cannot tell you how many things got thrown away today because it would run, that's right the poop was beyond runny, out of the diaper and I was SO done with cleaning.

2) Because of project liquidation that apparently Tennyson and Sanders signed up for, I have had to restrict their diet to toast, applesauce, rice and bananas. We don't have any bananas. They didn't want rice and we are out of applesauce. So that left toast. I was their number one best friend today...oh wait...that was in my dream. The dream in which my children are making me lunch and begging me to eat more chocolate because I am too, too thin.

In reality, I'm pretty sure if Sanders could swear I would have heard some choice words come out of his mouth today.

Tennyson was pretty good about all the restrictions. He still took a four hour nap today, which tells me he's not 100% yet.

And that, my friends, is my day.


Danica said...

I hope tomorrow is a much more lovely day. I hope Tennyson can keep some food down soon. Yea for having all of your designs done.

Chrissy said...

Being a mom is the most glamorous job ever. :)

Chrissy said...

Actually, this should be counted for hazardous pay in mom credits and suitably rewarded this Sunday. I truly hope it is. :)

Tobi said...

Cheering, then wanting to cry, then wanting to cry more since I haven't seen your designs yet! I'm glad that overall things are looking up!

Brianna said...

What an up & down day! At least the day had one thing in common... progress.

Hopefully that progress moves on towards better health for those boys!

P.S.- Yeah for the designs being done... now comes the exciting part!

April Weeks said...

Em, Your designs are breathtakingly amazing! I really am in awe as to what facinating beauty is inside your soul and in that sharp brain of yours. It's so fabulous to discover a talent and then nurture it and work with it until it's burst through to the enjoyment of many. You have got to be very proud of yourself. I'm hoping your ship has arrived to load up your treasure.

lori said...

I'm so glad Kevin is coming home soon!!! You deserve an extra special day on Sunday. Good luck with those designs--I can't wait to see them. I will get to, right? :)

Emilie said...

Mom, that was beautiful. Thank you.

Lori, I truly hope so.

Lawson Family said...

one word: Yuck.

I sure hope Kevin's ready from some Dad and Kid's time this weekend. You deserve every last minute for yourself!!

my rebel took over said...

It is most unfortunate that I decided to eat some oreos while catching up with your family today.

I hope you are all well again!