Monday, May 2, 2011

Still sick

Tennyson is still sick. But he's still peeing. So that's good. He threw up a few more times today and slept a combined total of 7 hours today only to be complete zonked out by 7:30 tonight.

Sanders also took two naps today. That was wonderful because I was a walking zombie! Sanders didn't do much today either. He is losing liquid as well, but from the other end. Sigh.

I also was reminded how awesome my neighborhood and friends are. I had SO many offers for dinner and taking care of healthy kids so I could sleep, and so much more. It's hard but nice to be on the receiving end of service. It always reminds me how much I really enjoy giving service, especially when I have such a personal reminder, like today, at how much it it can change a persons day.

Only 3 more sleeps until Kev gets home. Only 11 more days until Market. I feel slightly, OK maybe a smidge more than slightly, anxious that I will get everything done.

11 days and I'll find out which cross road I will be taking. The road to debuting my own line in the Fall or the road where I try even harder at Fall market but this time armed with experience. Either one I feel like will be further than I am right now. Both have such amazing potential. I'm excited to see where I belong!


April Weeks said...

You got the ticket you needed? Let me know if I can help you in the morning. I just need to go to the temple at 2:30.

Emilie said...

No. no ticket yet.