Friday, May 6, 2011

Almost there

I am SO close to being totally ready for Market.

Just a few more tweaks and then I'm ready to print. Tobi is going to help me put my portfolio together and I am so excited about all the ideas she has. It is going to look amazing and professional. That is her talent and I am happy to be the beneficiary of it's utilization!

I can't believe that Market is a week from today!!!!

I feel like no matter what happens next weekend I will be so much further on this journey than I am right now. I am so grateful that I've been allowed this opportunity and that I've had to work so very hard for it, but that I've also noticed and recognized how much I have been able to see my Heavenly Father's hand in the out come and timing of things. It's been a tender experience for me.


Just a warning, I may randomly scream for joy during the next week. Don't be alarmed. I'm OK. Just beyond excited.

Who knows, next Friday I could very well have pictures that include me and Amy Butler all in the same frame! Or Anna Maria Horner! Or Sandi Henderson! Or Heather Bailey!


See. I told you.

Random screams for joy all over the place.

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Danica said...


I'm excited for you too!!! I expect full reports when you get back.