Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Today was rather quiet.

We had Evan (who will turn 3 in July) over for most of the day because his little brother was having surgery to place a shunt in his head. I know. We were anxious for this day to be over.

Good news is the surgery went fantastically!

AND Evan did just great at our house. He's a bit scared of one of the paintings I have of some flowers in a Japanese style. We don't know why, but he will NOT enter my home, or at the very least stay up stairs for any amount of time, if that picture is on the wall. Megs took it down when they dropped him off this morning, but all day long he would creep along the hallway, with his back to the wall, like a spy, poke his head away from the wall just far enough to see into the living room and check to see if the picture had somehow made it's way back. It was pretty funny.

Other than that he was calm and happy. No whining. No tears. From anyone really. Which actually made the day go sooooooo slowly.

Still, I needed a really slow day after last week. I'm grateful to get one.

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