Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big scary adventure

Have you ever been so passionate about an idea that you can't sleep, you constantly obsess over every possible outcome, you want it to come to life so bad but it feels so daunting and unobtainable, but you've got to try?

Well that's where I am.

Right at the beginning of the most exciting, exhilarating, scare-the-spit-out-of-you, adventures. I have seriously been weepy for the past two days either because I'm thinking about how amazing it will be if I can actually make this work or because I'm terrified that even after my best efforts this dream will remain unrealized.

I'm not ready to spill the beans just yet, not here anyway.....I know mean right? But I really wanted to document how I felt in the beginning. Just. In. Case. It's the failing thing that is holding me back. If I put it out there and then this things fizzles before I even get started I fear it will just add salt to the wound. Be patient. I promise as soon as ANYTHING becomes concrete I will divulge the course of my adventure and bring you along with me for all the ups and downs.

Until then just pray for open doors.


Mary said...

That is pretty mean of you. Good luck with whatever it is!

Brianna said...

I have an idea of what this might be, but I'm keeping it to myself too. :p

AmyPoll said...

What?!? You can't leave me hanging like that!!! Now I can't sleep :)