Wednesday, September 2, 2009

9 years, a week, and a few days

On August 24 Kevin and I celebrated our 9Th anniversary!

We didn't do much, or anything really. But don't feel bad. We had a good reason. Plus, honestly, just hanging out with each other is just as nice as doing something together. That's all we need. It was a lovely day.

We are saving up for the Big One next year. And I wanted to tuck away anything we would have thought about spending this year for next year.

What are we doing? Well, I've told you before, but it was awhile ago.

We are going to Europe!

I am unbelievably excited!!!

The air fare is already paid for. My mom found a place in Paris for $96 a WEEK. Yes, that's right, People. You read it correctly.... A WEEK.

We are still looking around for lodgings in London, but we have awhile still. Until September 2010 that is. We want to go during the Off Season.

We will spend 3 days in London and 3 days in Paris!

Le Sigh.


Paris is for me. I plan on being my desired size by then so I can buy a cute little couture dress from some sweet little dress shop. And look amazing.

London is for Kevin. That's where they play all the best football (soccer) games you know.

The perfect vacation with the perfect boy.

It is quite an impossibility to feel anymore joy over this subject.

So if you see me smiling with a far off look on my face, you'll know why.


Brianna said...

That will be romantic, lovely, fun and well all of the above... yea for you guys!

As you know I am very pro vacation without kids... it does wonders for a marriage.

Madz said...

For hotels look at the bayswater area (north of Hyde Park) They have OK prices (for London.. meaning their expencive as hell no matter what) and you'll still be in the "thick" of it all. With Notting hill on one side and city center on the other. Have a lovely vacation when you get to it :)

Emily said...

Congrats on 9 years. We really can't be that old.

Your trip sounds exciting. Normally I'd ask if I could come along in your luggage or carry on, but since it's an anniversary trip, I'll leave you to yourselves this time. (You can thank me later).

Andy hates France ( I think it's a German thing) and so I'm pretty sure I'll never visit the Louvre. (At least not with him).

Start counting down the days!