Wednesday, September 30, 2009


We left for Yellowstone from Bear Lake, the day following the triathlon. We had wanted to swing by the Periodic Spring in Wyoming.

It was a beautiful little hike and Karaia and Beckham proved to be well acclimated to short hikes. Tennyson, however, either got distracted by every rock or his little legs moved a bit too slow. Kev ended up carrying Sanders while I trailed behind with Mr. T trying to convince him to let me carry him on my shoulders.

The stream was gorgeous and a unique thing to witness the water all of the sudden increase in volume. Here is a picture when the water level was down.

And when it had returned.

From there we headed to meet my dad and Emma, Meghan, Alex, and Evan, Emily, Ryan, Morgan, and Brooklyn, Jenny, and Emma's brother Scott and his wife Melanie at this amazing cabin. The cabin is located about an hour away from West Yellowstone. It was right on the river and had a theater room, a pool table, hot tub, ping pong, and air hockey. Not to mention the fantastic beds and great kitchen. Room for all!

Can you see the river in the background? Nice.

The next day we made our way to Yellowstone. This is the only "family" picture I took.

Karaia and Beckham were up ahead with cousins.

The kids loved the geysers, especially Tennyson.

Waiting for Old Faithful

We got to see Old Faithful erupt three times and after the first time Tennyson was convinced that EVERY geyser was Old Faithful. Sanders was a trooper as always. He is such an easy baby to take places.

Toward the end of the day Beckham's legs were too tired to walk anymore so he came up with a great idea. He sat in the umbrella stroller and then held Tennyson on his lap. It made for one heavy stroller load for me to push, but the kids enjoyed themselves.

We had a wonderful time and think we would like to go back in a few years.

The next day we hung out at the cabin, played in the river, and just relaxed.

Can you see the cabin in the background?

I love vacations like that!


Lawson Family said...

It sounded like a great trip, but now that I've seen pictures...I'm even more bummed we couldn't make it this year! Given all of the great ammenities, I have a feeling they'll be doing it again.

Mary said...

Looks like a great vacation! I'm glad it wasn't spoiled by sickness. What a fun get-together. :)

Anonymous said...

That is supper fun! Hope your family had a great time... I can't wait to visit with you again!