Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Second Tri

I can't remember what Kevin said last year just before I was to start my first ever triathlon, but one verbal chiding led to another and it soon became clear that he either enter the triathlon the following year or forever be a yellow bellied chicken.

Or something like that.

The details are fuzzy.

Fast forward to September 12, 2009 where I found myself attending the Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon for the second time. This year, however, I did not compete ( I really am using the word "compete" loosely here). Kevin did. Along with my BFF, Tobi (who if you remember competed the same triathlon I did last year), and her brother.

He was nervous. But he had trained well. The swim caught him completely off guard although he has done open water swims before. The wetsuit he was wearing was a bit too small making him feel like he was choking and not allowing him to relax.

I have a picture of him coming out from the swim but......I'm pretty sure he will love me more if I don't post it.

With such an unexpected start I think he went into the bike portion a little bit apprehensive, but he more than made up for any time lost. He rocked the bike!

The run was the part he was looking forward to the very least, but after the swim, he didn't mind so much.

He didn't get the time he wanted but he is happy to say," I completed a triathlon and no thank you I don't think I'll do another one, but I would love to take up biking."

We are very proud of him. Those races are never easy.

Way to go Kev!


Chrissy said...

I always knew Kevin was smart, and the "no thank you, I won't do another triathlon" just confirms it. :)
Good job for him for doing one though, that is impressive.

Tobi said...

Way to go Kevin! I think it is great to try anything (well, almost anything) once. If you change your mind you can join us again next year.