Tuesday, September 8, 2009

6 months

Sanders turned 6 months September 2. I seriously cannot believe he has been with us that long. He is going to be one before I know it.

His stats are:

16.8 lbs 37%
27.5 in 84%
Head 42%

Holy cow! This kid is growing like a weed! I've never had such a tall kid. Karaia was always around the 75% but never got quite this long this fast.

His eye color is still undetermined. They aren't blue enough to say they are blue, but they aren't brown enough to say they are brown. In fact, one eye consistantly has more brown in it that the other. The jury is still out. Next time you see him feel free to cast your vote.

What a difference two months makes. Look at how much more hair his has!

Not to mention that fact that as of a week ago he is now sitting independantly and can roll both ways.

He is a cheerful little guy and is quick with a smile. He is still figuring out solid food and so far prefers to just hold the food in his mouth. He doesn't spit it out, but he doesn't swallow it either. It just sits there until he collects enough saliva and then he naturally swallows causing him to have the surprise of his life at the unexpected taste! It's hilarious.

We couldn't imagine our lives without him. He brings so much happiness to our home and completes our little family.

In other news look what I did to his crib!



The orange came out a bit darker than I was planning, but the more I live with it the more I like it!

There is just something about walking into that room and seeing a cute, fat, happy baby in a cute, happy orange crib.

Surprisingly it's very calming.

Cheerful, but calm.

Just like Sanders.


Colle said...

I love the orange crib! Did you make that blanket he is laying on? It is super cute also. What a cute little guy he is!!!

Emilie said...

Thank you!

Yes, I did make that blanket.

Anonymous said...

What a cute guy. How impressive he has so much hair!!

Brianna said...

You and your love of the colors... the orange is a nice touch. :)

Oh yeah, and that's a pretty cute little guy too... so much like Beckham!

Lawson Family said...

I was just going to call you to tell you to send pictures of the crib! It's a very bright, cheery color. I just painted my crib green..I'm still getting used to it. I can see both you and Kevin in Sanders little face! He looks so happy!

Emily said...

Both are so very cute!!

I could never get away with doing some of the things you do with color. Your projects always turn out darlingly. Is that even a word?

So the man cub is tall and skinny. Good luck keepin' his jeans on!

AmyPoll said...

He is getting so big and cute!!!

Tobi said...

Orange you happy the crib turned out so well? Just kidding. It looks adorable...almost as adorable as Sanders.

Chrissy said...

I think orange is the new red! Very, very cute, and the baby isn't bad either... ;)

Bianca said...

oh he's a sweetie! Love the crib.

Kade and Katie said...

love it! and the blanket, um, that is the cutest thing ever! it turned out so great! good work em!