Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sanders' Blessing

Sanders was blessed May 31. Kevin gave a beautiful blessing and I actually got to hear it because Amy took Tennyson out in the hall (Thanks Amy!).

Despite being able to listen to it, I can't seem to remember much. Weird. The thing that sticks out most is that Sanders was blessed with a desire to find a girl and marry her in the temple. I love that. Mostly because it truly has to be HIS desire. I can hope for it all I want and teach him to the best of my abilities but if the drive does not come from him it won't matter much.

We had lots of family there and were grateful that the weather held off just long enough for everyone to get something to eat, enjoy the beautiful yard and company (because I'll tell you what, you were all looking pretty fantastic), and run inside to beat the rain.

Thank you. We felt very loved.

My cute family.
Tennyson is absent in this picture because he was running a very high fever all through sacrament meeting. We came home and put him right to bed. He slept through the whole party and had no idea we had had so many people over. Turns out he has tonsillitis.

Kevin, Sanders, and Me, with Kevin's parents, Jim and Candace

Great-Grandma Janice

My Mom, April and Step-dad, Dave

My Dad, Guy

Karaia ( I love this picture)

Thank goodness he grew a bit from the last time he had this on. The collar is ever so slightly less looking like a head-eating Elvis collar

I can't figure out who he looks like. What do you think?

This next photo is my favorite. Only because it accentuates his skinny tooth pick arms. His legs are just as skinny. I think it makes him look slightly like a bobble-head. Love it!

We love you little Sanders. You are a very serious little baby, but your smiles are worth all the effort!


Chrissy said...

He is adorable. And he does seem to have his own look, different from your other kids. It will be interesting to watch him grow into himself.

Brianna said...

I think serious like Karaia, but looks the most like Beckham. Not exactly, but that's your closest match.

April said...

You ARE loved. I think he looks like your dad. see if you can find baby pictures of your dad and compare.