Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More about the Head-eating-Elvis collar

The photographer sent me this picture


Now for more on how this fantastic photo came to be.

My cousin Chrissy is an amazing, truly gifted, seamstress.

I brought her thisAnd in no time she had drawn me up a pattern. She used math and everything just to be sure to get all the curves just right.

From there I took the pattern and the original outfit and figured out how to construct it. That's right, no directions! Yeah me! I did call Chrissy and ask her a few basics, considering I have never sewn a sleeve or collar in my life.
I ended up with this
I am so proud of myself. I had no idea I could do such things. As you can see it looks very proportional on the hanger. Not at all like a head-eating-Elvis collar. The problem came in that I allowed for a 5/8" seam and only sewed a 1/4" seam resulting in a size bigger than intended. I'm told that comes from being more acclimated to quilting than clothing construction. But I'm learning.

I can't wait to see what I can do next. Its like I have surprises waiting inside of me I never knew about.

How fun!

Here are the cute little loafers my mom crocheted to go along with the outfit. Sanders was in a "mood" and kept rubbing his feet together and knocking them off during the photo shoot. We'll get some with them on though.

The pictures don't do them justice. I've already "ordered" some more in different colors from Mom. Too cute.

PS the color behind the shoes in my new kitchen color. Don't you just love it?!??!?!


Tobi said...

The pic with the booties looks professional...and it helps that the backdrop is such a great color!
Way to go on the sewing. I thought you were wimping out with me this time around and not making a new blessing outfit! Oh well, Colin already made due with Mason's.

Lawson Family said...

Em, that little outfit looks so great! You should be proud of yourself. Sewing clothes is not my thing, so I'm totally impressed. Good for you!

Bianca said...

I do love the kitchen color! It's very fabulous. And you are quite the seamstress too, it seems. Very adorable. And just think, he'll fit into it one day :D

lori said...

Sew fun!! Heh, heh. :) I'm impressed, Em. I have been dying to sew some cute little dresses for McKayla but I always run out of time to get to the fabric store when in civilization. I faithfully take my patterns with me every time. Someday I'll get used to this way of life. Keep up the stellar sewing skills! Sanders blessing outfit turned out so cute!

April said...

Hey Em, I can't remember any of the colors of the loffers you wanted. will you write them down sometime so I'll have them. I am excited for you to find out more amazing things lurking inside of you.