Friday, June 19, 2009


For Family Home Evening (FHE) a few weeks ago I had created some charts to help us get back on track with our family and personal prayers and scripture reading. The big empty space at the bottom of each chart was perfect for a personal picture to help us remember what the chart was for.

I had instructed the children to draw something meaningful that would draw their attention and remembrance to the meaning of the chart. Karaia and Beckham both chose to draw a picture of the family. I chose to draw a picture of scriptures.

At that point I had to go inside to feed Sanders. Shortly after, I can hear Karaia having a royal meltdown, outside, where all the neighbors were sure to have prime seating. I mean she had lost it. I soon realized Kevin was moving her inside, thank goodness, "Shows over everyone. Nothing to see here. Go back to your quiet evenings." I can hear her bedroom door shut and mad, 6 year old, kicks against the closed door. Its times like these that I always find it helpful to present the United Parental Front and hurried down stairs to see how I could be of help.

I found Kevin holding the door shut, laughing until tears where coming down his face. Meanwhile, Karaia is using all the muscles she owns to try and open the door. After asking Kevin to open the door I was bombarded with, "HE DREW A PLAIN OL' ROCK!!!" to which Kevin nearly started rolling on the floor with laughter.

I looked at her, stunned. "This is what you are freaking out about? You are throwing a fit because Dad drew a rock?"

"A PLAIN OL' ROCK!" She corrected.

That's when I started laughing. I mean you should have seen her. It was as if she had turned into the Tasmanian devil who was also half fish, what with the spinning around and the flopping and kicking on the floor. All because of a drawing?

Through his laughter Kevin tried to explain, "Karaia, you didn't let me tell you what I was drawing."

Trying to be the mediator I suggested, "Karaia, why don't you ask Dad what he drew?"


I felt bad, but Kevin and I could not help ourselves at this point. The emotions coming from her little frame didn't match the situation she was in.

"Karaia, *snicker* I drew **snicker** a PRAYER rock."


And just like that the typhoon of emotions was over and Karaia was once again a sweet little girl. Not at all resembling a Tasmanian devil fish. The drawing was now an acceptable choice and Karaia went on to plan on what colors she was going to use to fill in her chart.

So are we calling it a successful FHE? Hmmmm, not sure, but at least it was memorable.


Brianna said...

Teenage roller coaster her you come!

Girls, girls, girls... I agree that at melt down times like that laughter is much better than the alternative.

I also can't help, but wonder that at times like those if you think to yourself that one girl is the perfect amount for any family.

Colle said...

That is funny! So you are the best story teller ever just so you know.

Danica said...

Don't make me laugh so hard. It hurts!

AmyPoll said...

Isn't it SOOOO hard to keep a straight face at times like these???

cwilson said...

That is so funny!!!

April said...

Now every time I think about A PLAIN OLD rock (like I do so often) I'll be giggling.

Skye O. said...

Laughing so hard! I love reading your stories.

Lynae said...

I had to check this out after all the talk at the shower. Hilarious story! You'll be so glad you wrote it down. I love your have a way with words. It's great reading! I'd like to add it to my list to follow if I can.

Emilie said...

Lynae, Thank you. It was good to see you at the shower. Of course you can add it to your list. I've never been one to be shy :)