Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sporkhead & Wiggly

As Kevin was tucking Beckham into bed last night he learned some new, crucial, information.

"Dad, my new name is Sporkhead."

"Really. Where did you hear that?"

"I made it up. That's my neeeeew name."


"Just because."

"Goodnight, Sporkhead."

This morning Beckham introduced himself to Sanders,

"Good morning. I'm Sporkhead. Sporkhead Beckham K---- D---. We're going to call you Wiggly because you are wiggly. Wiggly Sanders J---- D---."


Danica said...

Tell Sporkhead I love him.

Chrissy said...

Not a commentary on his hair, huh? That kid cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

Sporkhead- I love it... what a fun family you have... so glad we found eachothers blog. Take care!

AmyPoll said...

What a funny, inquisitive kid!!!