Friday, June 5, 2009

The beginning of the end and the beginning

Karaia is officially no longer in Kindergarten.

I feel like an empty-nester.


I just know I am going to blink and when I open my eyes she will be married and have a kindergartner all her own.

If I always had this feeling I think I would parent differently. Maybe that's why grandparents are the way they are because the DO always have this feeling as their children have already, permanently, left the nest. Serving as a constant reminder for them that it really is a very short period of time that we get to have these little ones, little.

I wanted to mark the beginning of the end with a fun new tradition for our family, mostly so I could keep the tears away (I did shed a few when my eyes were behind the lens). Also, to mark the beginning of Summer and have my kids make a clean break from school and just be kids for a few months.

I had forgotten that I wanted to do this so the banner isn't as cute as I had envisioned but Karaia and Sophie, the friend from next door, loved it anyway.

(The sign says, "Welcome To Summer!
Next year will be much better)

Plus we seriously have the perfect entry way for this kind of thing.

Karaia and Sophie ready to "break" out the summer fun.

There's my future 1st grader. Adorable.

My friends, the banner has been broken. Welcome to Summer!!!!!!


Chrissy said...

What a fun tradition! You are such a good mom to think about things like this. (Seriously, I was scrambling for the camera and snapping a shot as the carpool pulled up and honked!) Yea for summer! I wanted to do something fun to celebrate but I am still fight a bug and a baby who is ornery from shots. Let's get together and take the kids swimming next week! If the weather cooperates...

Brianna said...

Look how delighted she is?!! Looks like the banner did its job.

AmyPoll said...

You are way too creative!!! It puts me to shame...oh well, he is still excited for summer. :)

April said...

You hit the nail on the head. It does go by in a flash...