Friday, June 19, 2009


(Note: I know these are all about Beckham, but Karaia and Tennyson don't speak of crazy things like the other boy does. I am always on the look out for 'Karaia' stories but, at this point, she seems to be less stream-of-consciousness speaking than her brother)

Beckham asked Kevin, "Dad, can you marry your friends?"

"Yes. Is there someone you are thinking about marrying?"

"Megan" in a soft whispy sigh came the reply.

"Well, you are a little young for that right now."

Then later in the day Beckham groaned, "UGH! I forgot to tell Megan I was going to marry her when she was over earlier today!"


Danica said...

Maybe there has been a little to much marriage and wedding talk around your house lately. You can thanks Landon and Amy for that one.

Tobi said...

We can have a double wedding. Adam wants to marry Taisha. Every time he brings it up I find it a prime opportunity to drill the idea of a mission into his head..."okay son, but remember you have to go on your mission before you get married." And then you can always throw in the other..."Does she want to get married in the temple?"