Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The last monday

Here is my cute Karaia all ready for her last Monday in kindergarten.


She is beyond excited to go to school all day next year. Me, not so much.

Karaia is excited for three recesses and lunch at school.

It's hard to be sad when they are just so happy.

Still, it's the end of a chapter with her. She has been under mostly my supervision for the last 6 1/2 years. Come September that changes. Most of her day will be spent with others. I can only hope and pray that she makes good choices and good friends. I know heart aches and sorrows that she has been spared from are soon to cross her path. In that same spirit, I know that joy and excitement that she has not know are also soon to be experienced.

I find this time in my life to be a bit roller coaster-y. Its fun and sad to watch your children grow up. You wouldn't change it and yet you want it to remain the same.

I am proud of my little girl. She's not so little anymore but she is still mine and I guess that never changes.


Mormon Scientist said...

She is a fantastic girl. I am sure she will make excellent choices just as her mom has set the example for her.

I totally can relate to your fear, though. I think it is just a natural parental instinct. I am already terrified thinking of the time when my little girl will go out into the big world.

I am anxious during the couple of hours she is in day care... or the few minutes when I am watching her from far away on the playground. I am always worried that some kid will be mean to her, or she wont share.

Brianna said...

I second that you have installed great values thus far and been an amazing example. I've found in my personal experience, if she ever strays from so-so choices, she'll come back. :)

Lawson Family said...

It's funny that I feel those same things for Brightynn and yet I still have a whole year until it's offical. It will be interesting to see how as the years go, how you'll feel about Sanders leaving the nest or by that point, you are so ready!