Monday, June 15, 2009


Tennyson is two!

What a sweet little boy you are. You are so very polite. More often than not you tell me, "No, Dank oo, Mommy." if you don't want to do take a nap.

You always, always, tell me, " Dank oo, Mommy" when I hand you something or get you a drink.

You love to tell your brothers and sister, "Moring" when you see them for the first of the day since you are, without question, the first one up every morning.

You LOVE momodydles (motorcycles) and babahoo (basketball hoop). That's what you got for your birthday and have hardly looked at your other toys since.

I made you a motorcycle birthday cake with the race track in the shape of a two.

(We had to have Grandpa driving off the edge---just to honor his broken collar bone )

Cup Cake Toppers in case anyone forgot who were the big birthday boys....
and how old they were!

It was a big hit with you. So much so that people almost didn't get to see the finished product because I had to keep stopping you from driving the motorcycles around the track.

You are a very loved little boy and most of your extended family was able to make it to your party. The best part of your birthday is that you get to share it with your Grandpa Jim.

I think that is so wonderful and I hope you grow up feeling the same way. He loves you so much and he is a pretty amazing man. You should feel honored to share the day with him.

You have a big smile for everyone and there is just something about you that makes people want to spend time with you. You radiate love through those sparkley eyes of yours. That's the best way to describe it.

Of course you have your moments that are spent screaming at Beckham, but I think that's because you've figured out that occasionaly it is his fault and secretly you like to see him get in trouble. Mom and Dad have been doing much better at asking questions first, now, before we lay down the law.

You love washing your hands, taking baths, and anything else that involves water.

You adore your bike and in general being outside.

You are busy but delightful and easy to please.

You kind of have a mush-mouth way of speaking, but Dad, I, and your sibblings can always understand you. We really enjoy having our own secret language but it is nice that you are starting to branch out to English as well so that others can share in your thoughts.

You love tickling and wrestling. Dirt and bugs. A true boy.

I love you, Tennyson!!! I am lucky to be your mom.

Love, Mom


Chrissy said...

Happy Birthday Tennyson! And that is a pretty amazing cake, Em!

Mormon Scientist said...

Look at your family grow! It seems like just yesterday you were sleeping on my Dad's couch as you started school.

Now you have a handful of children and are designing fabulous birthday cakes... the time does fly! It sounds like you have great kids, they sure look the part too.

jillian said...

yay! it all looks so good! fun stuff!!!!!!! congrats to tennyson, funny boy!

Lawson Family said...

I just loved the cake and the birthday toppers too! You truly seem to think of all of the fun details that make great memories! Happy Birthday Tennyson!

Emily said...

Just. Too. Cute. What a great mommy you are! Tennyson is the best. Gotta love the twos!

lori said...

Happy Birthday, Tennyson! What a cute boy. I love the cake, Em.

April said...

I have a big ol lump in my throat and tears running down my face cause I love this boy so much! and I love his mom so much! and I'm so happy to be feeling so much love. I am so lucky to be one of the grandmas.

Danica said...

Happy Birthday Tennyson!! We are sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate it with you. Belle and Jeremy just went to get you a special present. We are so lucky to have such a nice boy in the family. You always come to find Belle and say hi to her as soon as you see her. We love you!

Tobi said...

That cake was so awesome! I love the motorcycles and the cupcake toppers. You are just awesome!@ You should do a show or something. You could call it "How to Make Cute Kids Even Cuter!"

AmyPoll said...

Happy Birthday Tennyson!!! Sorry we couldn't make it on Sunday...looks like it turned out great. I love the cake!!!