Sunday, May 19, 2013

Miracle at the turtle

Our regional stake center is often called the Turtle. So named because it is built as a circle with a few rectangles coming off of it.

We had regional stake conference today. Basically, it's a two hour long sacrament meeting without taking the sacrament. For the last 10 years our (read Kevin and Emilie) goal has been to see how long we can wrestle the children while pretending to hear even one word of the speakers.

Well, today, my friends, I heard them all. Every word. All two hours worth.

I was in shock!

This, this is why we are doing adding to our family. It is so wonderful to be able to go to church for the intended purpose as opposed to teaching the children the appropriate behavior during such meetings.


I really do have wonderful kids. They are so smart, funny, and mostly well behaved. Some more than others ;)

Tonight Tennyson asked Kevin, "Is glad more than happy or is happy more than glad?"

Pretty deep thought for a 5 year old.

For the record, I think happy is more than glad, but Google says there is no difference in intensity.

My current phrase to tell the children when they start whining/arguing with me is, "Ooooooh, I hear you. You want me to wrestle you by your eyebrows. "

It catches them off guard and it's easier to get them back on track without too much contention.

I will be using this one until it's last leg.

Anything to keep the whining at bay. 


Skye O. said...

great tip for whining...will have to try it. congrats on a peaceful stake conference-really a big achievement!

Ellis said...

That is a HUGE Stake Conference WOW in my book! Our goal is always to leave Stake Conference with a little love for our children and no embarrassment for them or ourselves :-) It's sad to say but I was really happy my sister's farewell was yesterday and we didn't have to put our skills to the test. GREAT JOB KIDS and PARENTS!!

April Weeks said...
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April Weeks said...

That is truly a great milestone for your growing family.
I shudder to think of you wrestling with my eyebrows!