Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Impulsive memory loss

  Thank you everyone who commented  on yesterday's  post.  Thank you for lending me your strength to lean on until I found my own again.   Today was a billion time better.   So thank you! 

Recently, there have been a few situations where very reliable adults have shared things Tennyson has done. Things that aren't huge deals, but need to be attended to so he can learn from them.
Each time, when I question Tennyson about the events he is honestly, truly shocked and confused by what I am telling him he did.
He really doesn't remember.
I talked with his kindergarten teacher and it seems to get that sometimes he is just so impulsive that he neither thinks about it before hand and afterwards it's like it never happened.
Sadly, some of his behavior comes across as a kid who just doesn't care. And it makes me sad to think of people thinking that about him...not to say he doesn't have some of that in him, but maybe not as much as was thought.
He doesn't have problems concentrating. He is self disciplined with homework and always gets it done right when he gets home with out any reminders from me. But when he gets a thought in his head it is really hard to detail him and have him change course.
I'm still trying to figure out if this is a medical, personality, or stage thing.
Fingers crossed for it being a stage.
On a side note, no wonder trying to alter unwanted behaviors hasn't been working. He doesn't remember doing most of them.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry about that...
He better grow up to be the amazing person I see inside! We are more than making our payments now.

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