Sunday, May 5, 2013


We have the beginnings of our new deck!

I have to preemt this post with a big HUGE thank you to everyone who came to help!! There is no way we could have done this alone. Thank you so much!

As always let's get a reminder of how things started looking in the morning. This was after we checked off two soccer games on our list of things to do, but right before we forgot all about Tennyson's soccer practice, but DID remember to attend a baby shower. 


 We felt very blessed to have so many wonderful people answer our call for help. We are so, so, SO grateful for all of the time, energy, and strength they spent on Saturday. We are also so grateful for their wives for loaning them to us for many hours.

Left to right: My Dad, Quinn, Dave, Alex, Sanders, Nate

 While I went to a fun baby shower, the boys got to work taking the brick off of the house and installing the 4 x4 posts.

 I came back just in time to BBQ some hamburgers and hot dogs for lunch.

 Sanders was part of the construction crew for most of the day. The other kids were scattered all over playing at friend's homes. THANK YOU FRIENDS!

 And when I say part of the construction crew I really mean it. That kid knows how to use a crow bar and became a professional at taking nails out. It doesn't matter how small you are if you use leverage!

 Look how much further the new deck is from the old!

 The new ledger was installed where we removed the brick. It will be secured right into the structure of the house.

 I had to document that I was there and part of the crew. Albeit the only one of the crew with sparkly sunglasses and a big sun hat! I'll tell you what though, my sawing skills are coming right along :)

 And my nail gun skills. 

Kevin and Nate slipping the post sleeve on.

 The old joists were so warped.

 Megan and Colton popped by to help in the middle of their house hunting day. They are wonderful workers and it was so nice to have them! Alex and Megan quickly crafted an excellent way to put the brackets on the ends of the board so they would be flush with the edge.

 When the new header went in you could really get a sense of just how much bigger the new deck is going to be!

 This is where construction slowed a bit. We had to scab onto the old joist. Not only does it require muscle you also have to use math to make sure both sides line up perfectly and everything is level. Thank goodness we have lots of engineers and math enthusiasts in our family ;)

Leave it up to Nate to photo bomb a perfectly innocent picture.

Megan and Colton

 Most of the day the yard looked like this.

 Beckham loves power tools, who doesn't really? He was thrilled when Dave let him test his skills with the nail gun. Sanders asked if nail guns kill people.


Here's the before again.

And the after!



We almost finished everything we hoped to accomplish today. We were hoping to get the little bridge over the basement door all framed as well as the landing for the stairs. But we are still very, very happy with what we did check off. 
 Look how warped the old joist are!

 We were shocked that we even got this one as straight as this. We got all the old joists scabbed on one side. We still need to do the other side.

We are so pleased with the 6"x6" trex post sleeves. The fit right over 4 x4 posts. It makes everything feel more stately and substantial. Totally worth the cost. 

We were originally going to add post skirts to the end of the posts, but they didn't come on the truck. Turns out that was a good thing because they would have gone past the footing edge and looked like they were floating. We are very happy with how they look with out the skirts!

You can see where the old deck ended. Right about where that sprinkler in the flower bed is. 

 Dave put some loose planks on the joist to ease in helping with construction from the top. The old deck ends abut 5 -6 inches past that furthest plank.

 This is a good view of where the old deck stops to the North. There is a bigger gap right after the last old joist because the dryer vent comes out right there and we need to get an elbow extension and then custom cut the joist around that. 

Looking to the North from the South East corner of the deck.

 Looking to the South from the sliding door because I am not a monkey and I didn't want to test my balance on the joists with out the loose plank on them.

We would not have gotten even 1/4 of this done if Kevin and I had tried to do this ourselves. We are so grateful for everyone who helped and especially Dave who has been such a source of guidance, knowledge and skill during this whole process. 

Thank you!!! 

OH! I forgot to mention that we found a place that will install a railing for us for the same price it would have been to purchase just the materials from Lowe's! I'm sure by the time we get the deck built we are going to very ready to sit back a watch someone finish it off. Hooray!


DRWeeks said...

I love seeing progress. Great teamwork from all!

Tobi said...

So awesome!!!