Friday, May 3, 2013


Although the little boys and I spend a lot of time with each other I mostly find them like this;

Lost in some fantasy world. The most perfect of companions. 

This particular world was being conquered by Sanders' toxic throw-up.

Boys are very different from girls. 

 Tyler Russon came over tonight to help move a lot of the boards from the garage to the backyard. We finally get to construct things tomorrow!

Most of my day was spent with errands. Either on the phone or from one place to the next. Only part of our order, that was supposed to come in last Friday, but ended up being back ordered until this Friday came in. Everything but the Trex post skirts. 

After we felt like this meant we needed to wait a whole other week before we could do any work. You can't work backwards and the skirts are one of the first things to go on. But then after some measuring and discussing we decided that skirts on the support posts would actually hang over the cement post foundations and look a little silly. In the end, it turned out to be a very good thing in a huge, giant disguise. 

We spent the evening moving boards. THANK YOU, TYLER! Removing the stairs, and cleaning up the joists.

As the sun was setting we were all still outside finishing a bunch of last minute item in preparation. All of the sudden, Sanders stood up from the sand box and said, "Mom. I am tired." He asked to be put to bed. 

He's such a sweet kid. 

Thankfully, our hard work paid off and we are all ready for tomorrow.

But don't think for a second that deck is all we have planned. Oh no, my friend, we are going to also squeeze in two soccer games, a soccer practice, a baby shower,  and a piano performance. As well as tearing off brick, installing a new ledger board, installing brackets, new joists, scabbing new boards onto existing joists, install support posts, and building a new header. 

Lots of great memories to be made tomorrow!

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