Friday, November 20, 2009

The best stories

You know, the best underdog stories are the ones were someone has a dream and every time they try and realize it they get turned down or metaphorically punched in the gut only to persevere until finally their dreams come true. Very few people, who have great success stories, are without a few gut punches.

Consider my gut punched.

As opposed to taking a month to decide whether to accept what I offered, they took 5 minutes.

I am TOTALLY new to this industry so I wasn't completely naive to think that I had completely nailed it, but I thought I was pretty darn close. Maybe just a few helpful tweaks here and there. The message I got, in the 10 whole minutes spent with me, was that I was no where near anything they would even pretend to consider.

What is the industry you ask with baited breath?

Please let us in on the secret, you say, so we can collectively form a mob and demand them to reconsider (just kidding.....I generally resort to humor at times like this)

Fabric Design

Yup. The thing that has been keeping me up at nights, and burning my soul with a drive I have never felt before, is a need to create a fabric line.

And they hated it.

All 55 pieces.

It was too geometric.

That's how I designed it. I like the geometric look.

She couldn't see a main pattern design.

That would be the one I created very first and patterned subsequent designs after. But it was too geometric and she could not get past that.

I am still really proud of what I created. I wish she would have been able to see the potential, but she didn't and I can't dwell on that too much.

She did invite me to submit other designs.

For now, I will submit my current designs to a few other manufactures around the country. In January I will resume designing a NEW line and go from there.

The punch hurts.

And I've had a good cry. I really thought I had something not just good, but great to offer them. To not have even come close it what stings the most.

Still, I have given myself a year on this journey. Hopefully, not too many more punches, but if that's the road I'm on, I'll take them with pride.

Now that YOU know the road, I'm sure to be more free with all the ups and downs.

Do you want a sneak pick of the designs?

You do?

Here you go......

There are many, many more, and the colors are a little more vibrant than in the picture, but I don't want to give everything away.

Someday I will have a fabric line.

I just need to wait for my stomach to heal a little first and then get back into the ring.


Mandy said...

Okay, not that my opinion matters, but I LOVE it. Seriously, I would buy it in a heart beat. You should definitely submit to other companies!

Megs said...

Oh Em, I'm sorry that things didn't go as you had hoped for. For what it's worth, I think you are handling it really well. And I think that one day your dream WILL be realized. And when it is, you'll appreciate it (in part) because of the punches along the way. I said "punches" but truthfully, I hope this is the only one, and I should have said "punch along the way" :) Love you lots! I also agree with Mandy, I think it looks fantastic!

Chrissy said...

The hardest part of creating something and then giving it over for other's judgments is that it is so darn totally subjective. Design (art in any form) is such a personal thing, and what speaks to one person can be confusing to another. Did they give you constructive feedback, or just say no, not interested? I would love to see more, but from what I can see I love the colors you are using! Good for you for absorbing the blow and not giving up. I too think that your dream will be realized one day, and you are amazingly brave to share this journey with us.

jillian said...

I LOVE them!!!

Mary said...

I agree with what Chrissy said. Terral and I have to deal with that all the time with our areas of art. Honestly, I think you'll do fine! You're not the only one who likes geometric. ; )

Lawson Family said...

I tried calling to hear the story, but maybe you don't want to talk about it just yet. What a bummer! I really thought, like you, they might have asked for a tweak here or there. You really have some fantastic design other companies it is!! It took several publishing companies before someone picked up Harry Potter. "Just keep swimming..." :0)

Danica said...

Oh Em! Here's a BIG HUG from us. I think your designs are great. One day everything will fall into place and you will have a job doing exactly what you love. Keep giving it your heart.

Bianca said...

I agree with everyone else. From what I can see, they look beautiful! I would definitely try another manufacturer...everyone likes something different...

Kris said...

My sweet Em....

The sneak peaks are fabulous and so great!!! You have a great attitude and you are honest with yourself, and that is so important! Don't give up, you have an amazing talent!! I love you so much and send a ton of these! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
I'll talk to you soon, "look out world, here comes a girl with the great fabric and styles you won't believe! She's talented- WATCH OUT!!!!!!!"


Brianna said...

I am still in awe that you are trying! So many out there (like myself) are so scared to even put their foot in the water, let alone jump in... so congrats on jumping.

Also, I too love the design, I like geometric, as do many, so keep submitting.

Thanks for being my hero!!

Sarah said...

I would say you inspire me, but I don't tend to dream as big as you so I don't know what you'd be inspiring me to...Let's just say I'm completely impressed by your desire, drive and creativity. I know it hurts, but I guess there's got to be some drama to make sure it's a good story when they make a movie about how you got famous someday.

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