Monday, November 9, 2009

Bad mood

During dinner each person gets a turn to tell one happy and one sad thing about their day. I usually know what each kid is going to chose, but as they grow older I think this could be very insightful into their daily lives.

Today my sad thing was that I was in a bad mood for no reason. I asked the kids if they had noticed. They hadn't. Whew.

But I could not shake the mood until I whipped out some cleaning music for the kids....a good ol' get your heart moving standby,

Praying for daylight by Rascal Flats.

I bought this when I was in college. I can't tell you how many times my roommates would go home for the weekend leaving me the whole place to myself. This inevitably lead to me cranking this song up as LOUD as it would go and dance and sing how the music moved me too!

At some point I would love to be able to dance. You know, be able to keep your body's movements in conjunction with the actual beat being heard.

As it stands now......nope.

Not a chance.

Doesn't stop me from doing it, I am just highly aware of the fact that my appendages are most likely flailing all on their own desires.

Tonight was no different.

The music started. I turned it up louder.

The kids eyes got bigger.

And then I danced and twirled and head-banged. I peaked briefly at my kids at one point only to realize that they were copying/mocking my dancing. They would repeat exactly what I was doing saying something like this, "And then she was doing this....." demonstrating my mad, mad dancing skills, followed by intense laughter and much rolling on the ground.

Ah well. At least my mood improved :)


Skye L. said...

love it. Isn't it amazing how music can help lift your mood so much?

April said...

Way to go, hon. I bet your kids loved it. I miss you all.

Mary said...

Awesome. :D

Brianna said...

We love to dance to music here too. Now Marlee even requests it when our house seems to quiet. For me, it helps me center myself some days so I don't lose it. Awwwh... the power of music.

P.S.- I'd love to see these mad dancing skills you speak of. ;)

Sarah said...

I do the same thing, why else do you think G knows the word to 'All the Single Ladies' and 'Poker Face'? I have to take advantage of the fact that right now, any thing I do is cool or funny. Give it a few years and i'll just be an embarrasment.