Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tinkerbells, and skeletons, and spiders,....oh and an elephant.....OH MY!

Halloween has come and gone. But this year marks a difference for me. This is the first year that I made costumes.....huge chance it's the last. Not because I didn't enjoy it. I adored making something flat into something 3-D, but it is cheaper to buy the costumes......unless I start in June and hit all the 50% off sales. So, OK, there might be a chance I make more next year. BUT anyway.

I made Karaia's Tinkerbell costume.

Nobody recognized her in that wig!

And Sanders' elephant costume.

Can you believe I made that?!? I can hardly believe it myself!

I really loved making both. The fabric on Karaia's spoke to my girly-girl side, but the pride of actually completing (and doing a good job of it) the elephant could just make my heart burst.

It was the first time I had read a clothing pattern from start to finish without any outside help. Well, if we are honest I did look up a few crazy-pattern-language terms on line, but once those where translated I totally got it. All by myself!

Beckham LOVED being a skeleton. I love that it is the simple things that tickle his fancy.

This is the face he gave me when I asked for his scary skeleton face......hmmm I know I don't want to be in the same room as him when he is making that face, but not necessarily because he is scaring me. It's more of an olfactory issue.

Tennyson was going to be Lighting McQueen but decided against it at the last minute. Luckily we have many dress ups that he was able to chose from. He ended up going with Spiderman and could not have been any happier.

Except for when we asked if he wanted to wear the mask.

This is the only way he would agree to such an audacious request and then, of course, he would NOT be posing for any pictures.

We went to the Pumpkin Patch on Halloween because Karaia had not been able to go yet this year. Beckham had already gone for Pre-school.

Yes. I am aware that I am missing a child in these photos. Yes, he is prone to running away, but thankfully this was not the case here.Tennyson fell asleep on the way down there and we thought it best not to wake him up for the photo shoot considering the amount of walking and the scheduled late night he had later on.

Grandma Candace grew just enough pumpkins for all of her grandkids this year! The kids were a little bummed about not picking a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch until I reminded them of this little fact.

Actually, we didn't even carve the pumpkins before Halloween. Kevin was out of town the week before and Halloween day became too busy. So we carved Welcome-to-November Jack-o-lanterns last night for FHE.

The great thing this year was we got one of those pumpkin carving kits and Karaia and Beckham carved their pumpkins all by themselves! Thankfully my mom was there to help the too, too tired Tennyson figure out what to do while his older brother and sibbling got to use a saw that his mean ol' mom wouldn't let him use on his own. Thanks, Mom! I forgot to take pictures last night of their cute pumpkins, but I will do so tonight. They turned out darling.

Plus it means we get to smell pumpkin roasting over an open flame which is one of my most favorite smells and mean fall is officially here......now that it's almost winter.

Anyone else feel like they are always days behind?


Colle said...

Those costumes are awesome! I love the elephant so dang cute. Sister Reeder would be so proud!

Dinee said...

That elephant costume is awesome! There must be some Madsen genes that all of you inherit to make you such a fantastic seamstress!

Chrissy said...

Em- I am so proud of you! That elephant is officially the cutest thing I've seen this Halloween. You should frame it. Jake was looking over my shoulder when I read this and when he saw Karaia's picture he said, "Who's that?" I told him it was Karaia, and he said, "Awww, cute. Is she a Tinkerbell?" So they might not recognize her in the wig, but they totally knew who she was supposed to be.

Emily said...

Wow - it's official - you are incredible!!

Did I tell you that I can't even thread a sewing machine?

I love the elephant - that looks like it should have taken forever.

I have the most profound respect for women who can sew. Totally awesome!

Mike Snow said...

Love the costumes and love you Em!! I miss you so much and so glad you are my Em!! Tell your family hi!!!

Love,Kris xoxoxoxo