Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ghoulish Grabs

I really should have posted this one BEFORE I posted the 8 month update, but whachagonnado?

I was asked to help out with Karaia's class/ 2nd grade Halloween party. I wanted to do the spook boxes ( you know the ones you stick your hands in a feel something yucky that is really normal, but because you can't see it, it becomes extra gross) and began researching all of the ucky things I could stick in there and what to call them.

Procuring the boxes from Costco, I set to work figuring out how to cover and label them. Thankfully, black garbage sacks did the trick nicely and Photoshop, once again, made things so easy. Plus, my mom has these fantastic spider-web table clothes. Add a fog machine and some spiderwebs and we were set.

This is what we ended up with.

Goblin Guts
(cooked spaghetti noodles)

Monster Scabs
(crumbled tortilla chips)

Witch's Eyes
(green olives still floating in the juice)
This way by FAR the thing that grossed the kids out most. Success!

Ogre's Skin
(Tortilla wraps with olive oil on them)

The kids loved it. More like they loved to hate it. But the repeat customers who brought their friends because, "Dude, you just HAVE to feel that!" tells me it was well worth the effort.

Karaia had a blast.

She was very grateful I got to be there and help out. She is keeping a tali of how many things I have NOT come and volunteered for; field trips, big craft days, etc. It's a very big deal to her. I don't remember feeling like that. I'm glad I was there too!


Mary said...

Way to be an involved mom! I'm glad it was such a success. :)

Brianna said...

I was always thrilled if my mom could come to my school for any reason too. It made me feel extra special that she gave up work and other responsabilities just for me... I liked feeling like the world was revolving around me for just a minute. ;)