Wednesday, November 4, 2009

8 months, only a few days ago

At least I am not nearly a month behind this time!

Sanders turned 8 month November 2. He rolls EVERYWHERE! I thought crawling was hard, but this rolling business is crazy. Being the extremley efficient roller that he is, he can go from the middle of our family room, down the hallway, and back. Turning corners as he goes. It very entertaining to watch.

He ADORES his siblings and love whenever they give him attention, which is always. He prefers fruit to veggies, but doesn't complain too much if it is veggies on the menu.

He still likes to be swaddled to sleep, but recently switched to only liking to be half swaddled.

His two top teeth are just starting to poke through which in turn has led to more night time visits needed from me or Dad. Plus lots of pain meds.

The hang from the molding door jumper we have is his most favorite thing of all. If you are holding him he will use you as a jumper instead.

He has started to get up on his hands and knees and rock. It's only a matter of weeks now before the crawling begins.

Hooray! Just before we put the Christmas tree up......


Brianna said...

He still hasn't beat Marlee for the requiring swadling longest award, but he's close.

I swear you just had him. Time is flying even faster with him... enjoy him.

Me said...

When I first read your title I thought it said 8 months and a few days to go... Thus my thinking was... She's pregnant. I guess not.

Emilie said...

Bri - how long was Marlee swaddled?

Danica - LOL! Glad I'm not!

Bianca said...

Oh they just grow up too fast!! Oh, and your pics are in the mail. Thanks for being so patient!!