Thursday, November 5, 2009

Car seat Canopy

See this fabric?
(The dark color is actually a really deep chocolate brown, but it is looking very black on the screen...but it's brown)

I was drawn to it too! Doesn't it just scream,
"Hello! You've found me! Something you can use to make something for a boy!"

That's what it said to me anyway and I had already been on the hunt for an hour when I rounded the corner and spied it across the quilt shop.

Why was I on the hunt for "boy" fabric?

1. Because I am always on the hunt for cute, modern, non-babyish/non-little kid, boy fabric

2. Because my sister was pregnant with her forth, due any day, and she mentioned that she had recently seen these car seat canopies and thought it would be delightful to own one.

So I found the fabric. And after MORE searching found the coordinating fabric, in flannel, and I made her this

I love the buttons I found for the straps.

It was very simple to make. I used a pattern that my friend had, but could have easily figured it out without one. My sister-in-law made one with an oval pattern that is also very cute. I was slightly worried that this rectangular style would drag on the ground, but thankfully it has quite a good clearance.

My sister had her cute baby, Davis, on Tuesday, a week overdue. Mom was able fly out that night so Annie received her canopy Wednesday. She loved it! Hooray!

I loved it too.

After I completed it I put it on my car seat and brought everything in the house. That way I could look at it throughout the day and feel that extra boost of happiness that certain fabric designs give me.

I love finding fabric that has that magnetic effect on me.

Absolutely love it.

Congratulations, Annie and Mark!


Chrissy said...

Love it. And what a great gift for a baby born this time of year, a practical way to keep stranger's hands off of your new baby. You need to show me how you did this. Love the fabric too.

Megs said...

Emilie, you are amazing. I just can't get over your mad skills. I'm very impressed!

Tobi said...

Your eye for fabric is inspiring. I'm afraid to go into a quality fabric store for fear of spending way too much.

The canopy is adorable. You never cease to amaze!

Lawson Family said...

Oh Good! I'm glad you posted this. I was wanting to brag about my big sis on my blog, but haven't gotten around to it yet! :0) I also wanted to tell you that the two times I've been out with Davis (leaving the hospital and Dr. appt) everyone stopped me and complimented me on the fabric, the idea, the buttons, the whole thing! Thank you so much!!

Emilie said...

Thanks :)

Tobi - There is much restraint used whenever I enter a quilt shop....lots and lots of dreaming.

Annie - I can't believe you are blogging already! I'm glad you like it.

Chrissy - It is so easy. You can do it in your sleep.

Megs - Mewah!

Brianna said...

Just so you know, I want one of those for next time I have a baby... you should have plenty of time to find fabric. ;)

Emilie said...

Bri - But the question is, are you going to find out the gender or am I looking for non-gender specific fabric?

Either way, I'd be happy to make one for you!

AmyPoll said...

You are so amazingly talented...I absolutely love it!!!