Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Bed

The family reunion was coming upon us.

That meant one thing.


With four kids under 7. Two of which were still in "containers", a.k.a. cribs, at night. The problem was we only had one pack N' play.


It was time for Thing 3 to move to a big boy bed.

Kevin had a business trip in Texas and was gone for a week. All week long I prepared Tennyson for the big day.

"When Daddy gets home you get to sleep in your big boy bed!"

"No! No big boy bed. Crib!"

Every day was the same despite my silly cheer leading attempts to get him excited about this next big adventure.

Daddy finally came home. A week before the camping trip. It was time for the crib to come down. We thought having Tennyson help take it down would help him own the transition and come around.


We killed his best friend and tried to convince him to help. He cried and cried and begged and begged for his beloved crib.

Despite all the drama, things went very smoothly that night.

I read him a few books, said our goodnight routine, shut the door, and waited for the wailing and gnashing of teeth to begin.


He was quiet. No pounding at the door. No rustling around the room.

Easiest. transition. ever.

When we went to check on him that night this is what we found.

And this was the next night.

But at least he is in bed.

He has been fantastic. Let's hope potty training goes as smoothly........HA!


Brianna said...

I love this story! I keep pumping Mar up to fly her binki to the moon and I too worry about offing her best friend.

Love it!

April said...

What a sweetheart!