Friday, January 6, 2012

Scripture Tracker update one has called me out on my missing Scripture Tracker the past two days. What's up people?!?!?! Where's the love? Just kidding!

Actually, we've done very well and read every night since I made the goal. I just can't seem to remember to post it. Tonight's post is brought to you by the Letter S and the number 3

Wednesday Jan. 4, 2012

Scripture Tracker

1Ne. chp. 1 vs 8 - 15

Thurs. Jan. 5, 2012

Scripture Tracker

1Ne. chp. 1 vs 16- 20

Fri. Jan. 6, 2012

Scripture Tracker

1 Ne. chp. 2 vs 1-9

My favorite part about all of this, besides feeling like we are heading in the right direction is seeing how excited Sanders gets about it. He sits with his own scriptures taking his book mark in and out of his book. When it's his turn to read he usually just wants someone else to read his verse...but from HIS book.

I can already see the change in my family. I can't wait to see how far we go by the end of the year!

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Nancy said...

Hahaha! I thought something was missing!
I am following a 15 day bible program on my IPad. I think it's You Version or something. It makes me feel good to read it every day.