Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I didn't blog yesterday. It was very liberating to realize I felt no guilt about it this morning!

Today Beckham, my first grader, learned a really good lesson about why bragging is not so awesome. He has been given the opportunity to go with the 3rd graders for math. He had been asking his teacher for this chance since about week 2 of school. The 3rd graders go into a different room during this time. As they were lining up, apparently Beckham made sure the rest of the class noticed, in no uncertain terms, that he also was lining up.

Thankfully, Mrs. Pickett is amazing and was able to pull him aside and explain how his actions made others feel and how she was just as excited for him as he was and that he is an awesome kid, but there is a time and a place for everything.

Well all Beckham heard was that he is an awesome kid because by the time he got home and I asked him about it (I happened to have volunteered in their class today and Casey (Mrs. Pickett) told me all about it) he had no memory of all. SO we called Mrs. Picket , and by we I mean I made Beckham call Mrs. Pickett, and have her refresh his memory. This time I think it stuck. Of course she, and I still praised him for this amazing accomplishment, but we were very clear that he would lose it if he chose to continue bragging about it.

Don't get me wrong, I am very proud of Beckham. He has wanted this chance for SO long and has been very proactive with Mrs. Pickett getting everything she required of him done so he would be ready when it came. It was all him. He worked hard and earned it. I don't want to diminish that.

But it is one thing to feel pride for a job well done.....It is quite another to rub it in everyone's face.

I'm so very thankful he is learning these lessons at 7 and not at 17. AND, once again, I am SO, so, SO thankful Casey is there to help me teach him!!!

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April Weeks said...

Fantastic. So much better to come through a respected teacher because parents just don't get through sometimes. Good job Beckham for working towards this goal.