Sunday, January 8, 2012


As part of being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints I practice fasting on the first Sunday of every month for at least two meals. This practice is NOT mandatory but encouraged. Children are not encouraged to fast until they turn 8.

Today was Fast Sunday. Karaia turned 8 last December and has yet to miss fasting during any Fast Sunday. We never have reminder her. In fact, it's usually her reminding Kevin and I what day it is. She's never complains.  It just something she wants to do.

Every ward changes the time that they meet in January. In 2011 our ward met from 11 - 2. This year we meet from 1 - 4 pm. It makes Fast Sundays a bit more challenging for everyone, but especially someone who hasn't done it for that length before. This was Karaia's case.

Again, she didn't hesitate this morning to remember what day it was. And when the boys were having lunch she quietly played down stairs not complaining. But with 20 minutes left of the last meeting she truly understood what it meant to be fasting. It was very, very hard for her. But she did it. She was pretty proud of herself after she got a bit of food in her tummy ;)


Nancy said...

Fasting is tough! I've only had to do it for surgery and my colonoscopy but I know when I CAN'T eat that is when I want to most.
She's a tough cookie!

Lawson Family said...

Way to go Karaia!

April Weeks said...

That takes a lot of self discipline. If she can control that and have a good attitude along with it, she will accomplish great things.