Saturday, January 7, 2012


It finally looks like winter around here today!

The kids LOVED it! Well, Sanders really liked the "idea" of it and eating it, but the temperature forced him inside after about 20 minutes.

The three bigger kids rode the sled, played tag, had a snow man ball fight (you build small snow men really, really fast and then throw them at each other, and, of course, built a snow man.

While this was all going on, Ferb, decided to show off his snow skills and earned himself the name of the "Snow Subway". He was hilarious.

He would crouch down and then dive head first into the snow burrowing a tunnel for a few feet and then fly up through the surface and chase any snow balls he scattered on the way up. It was joyful to watch! Not only that but if you got his attention and threw a snowball up in the air he would go after it! I swear this cat is more dog than all the good dog ways and none of the poop on the grass ways.

Yay for snow!


1 Ne chp. 2 vs 10 -16


Emily said...

That is a darling snowman, and some cute kids to boot!

Nancy said...

Yay for your snow! We're still waiting for some but now I don't want it until visitors coming end of this week have come and gone.
Great pictures. We used to play "pie tag" in the snow. Stamp out a big circle and "pie slices" and then you have to stay within the lines. We used to play it when we were little.

April Weeks said...

So much fun! I love those kids and I love that cat!

Ellis said...

You guys were so lucky to get so much snow. My girls are dying to build another snowman and throw snowballs but we just didn't get enough this time. It's pretty much already melted. JEALOUS!!!!