Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do I dare?

Today Sanders said something that I was pretty sure was far into the future, "I need to go potty!" He said this right as we were dropping Tennyson off at preschool. Out of the blue. He held it in all the way home and after a few minutes on the toilet he successfully went.....both "kinds"!!!

He then flatly refused to wear diapers the rest of the day.

What the ?!?!?!

Um, I am SO not ready for this. It was not on the radar. We've been casually talking about when he turns 3, on March 2,  we will become serious about this whole potty on toilet business. And maybe about 4 or 5 times a week, as we were changing a diaper, we will offer him the chance to sit on the toilet. He has refused nearly every time, to which we always say, "OK. Let me know if you want to go potty on the toilet." End of discussion.

So today's little "announcement" floored me.

UGH! I HATE potty training! But usually I have time to prepare myself....

Since we are doing this thing I will record how the day went from 1pm on.

1:20 First potty success (BOTH) YAY!

Did the potty dance, called his favorite friend Rhyse and Daddy. SUPER excited.

Put underwear on.

2:00 Wet underwear --this one was TOTALLY my fault. I made the rookie mistake of forgetting that just because he went on the potty doesn't mean the training was over. I forgot to remind him.

2:05 set the timer for every 15 mins.

2:19 (1 min before the timer was going to go off) Wet underwear (Bummer!)

One more Pee success and dry underwear until the rest of the day!!! He even started running to the bathroom without me prompting if he heard the timer go off first.

YAY Sanders!

This wasn't the MY plan, but I'm hoping that because Sanders start it, it will go better than I think it's going to go. I'm pretty sure it's going to be, well you know, potty training.

Wish us luck!


Mary said...

It sounds like he's ready for it! (This coming from the mom who's never experienced it.)

Good luck!

Nancy said...

Good luck! He's probably seen the other 2 going so often that something clicked!

April Weeks said...

Good luck! Every kid is different. He might just be a breeze....(this from my class on positive thinking)

Tobi said...

I think that is awesome. How cool will that be to have a diaper free house!?!

Danica said...

Yea! Congratulations! I hate potty training also. I feel like a potty training failure because Belle still wets the bed at night. Tomorrow, I will have three kids in diapers or pull-ups. Ugh. Yea for you to be diaper free... FOREVER!

Brianna said...

The timing sounds about right, but I too loathe the idea of potty training... (I just shuttered a little)

my rebel took over said...

I think potty training is the best birth control. That's why you really have to have subsequent children before going through that awful process! Obviously I followed my own advice with just 7 years between my kids! LOL!