Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's pretty obvious, Dad!

Kevin and I were talking to Sanders about how to appropriately play with the cat. He does great most of the time...until he tries to pick him up and Ferb realizes he's just about as long as Sanders and there is no support. Then Ferb meows. Not a mean meow or even a warning, but more of a, "Come on kid...seriously. There's no why it's going to move along now."

He doesn't run away, he just kind of whines about the situation. He's a fantastic cat!

Anyway, we were asking Sanders to explain what he thinks Ferb is trying to tell him when he meows like that.

Me: "Sanders what does the cat do when you try and pick him up?"

Sanders: "Meows."

Me: "What do you think he's trying to say?"

Sanders: "Stop."

Me: "That's right!"

Kevin: "Sanders, how do you know that? Do you speak Cat?"

Sanders: "Dad, *eye roll* I no speak cat! I speak Danderd!!!" (Sanders---he says S as a D in his name)


Mary said...

Cute story! You must have a talented cat if it can speak Danderd. :)

April Weeks said...

I think I love Ferb.