Friday, June 25, 2010

Becoming better

The three oldest kids and I, along with Aunt Amy, went swimming at the Farmington Pool today. It was a fun and interesting experience.

Karaia is very bent on learning how to swim without any help. She still has moments of insecurity, but she will at least give it a go. She struggles with making her body do what she wants it to do, but she tries.

Beckham will tell you, "I can't!" or "No!" before you even finish saying whatever it was you wanted him to try. Occasionally, he will give it a go for about half a second, but if it's not perfect the first time....well then, why is he even trying?

Tennyson, I found, is also super cautious when it comes to water adventures. But after a few, OK maybe a lot, of minutes getting used to things he will give it a try. If he even comes remotely close to getting it right he is THRILLED!

Thank goodness Amy came with us today. It helped to be able to give each kid some one on one time with their own particular learning style.

I can't wait for the kids to be really good swimmers so that swimming pools become fun, for me, again and not so much work. It's fun work, but it's still work.


Lawson Family said...

Ah swimming. It's a love/hate relationship. Maybe this summer you'll have enough chances for your kids to get better.

Brightynn was so nervous around water until this summer. She has become our little fish and it has made a difference in the enjoyment of all.

Amy said...

It was lots of fun swimming with the kidos. Tennyson was having a great time by the end jumping off the side. Thanks for the fun day. When you're ready for another fun work day let me know.