Monday, June 21, 2010

The good, the bad, the whiny


That word can do one of two things at our house.

Send the kids running to show you their newest skill.....


Send the kids into a whiny, blubbery, mess on the floor.

Mostly, it's the second one.

I know piano is hard. I get it. We talk about how it's going to be hard every day, but soon that one song, the song they hate the most, will be easy and fun to play.

It promotes such extreme emotions. For example, this morning Beckham was extremely upset about a certain song, I walked over to help him, he all but cursed my name. He whined. I left. He worked it out on his own....crying most of the time. Did  a great job.....crying most of the time, and then the second he hit the last note signifying the end of his practicing and he turned to me and cheerfully said," I'm done! Now I can go jump! You know you are the BEST mom!"


I can't take this bi-polar behavior every. single. morning. It's exhausting.


Colle said...

I am glad you are the BEST Mom! I want to sign easton up for Piano. Well I did until I read this. I am not sure I can deal with that. I am pretty sure I am going insane with the whinning that is happening at my house.

Lawson Family said...

That's how it was with Brightynn. She never cried, but it was a constant battle every day.

After about a year of it, I decided it wasn't it worth it even though she had a real talent for it. I didn't want her hating playing. Plus, she was only 5.

I hope something works out!