Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Potty training....again

So, a few weeks before Tennyson's 3rd birthday he started spontaneously running to the bathroom himself, pulling his diaper off, climbing on the toilet, doing his thang, cleaning up, flushing, and washing his hands all. by. himself.


Well now it is a big struggle everyday.

He knows ALL the right language and get appropriately excited by discussion of how he can do it! He can be big and listen to his body.

Most of the time, if I remind him, he can stay dry and clean. That is until life gets in the way and I have to go help someone else make it alive to adult status thus forgetting Mr. T still needs reminding.

But running to the bathroom on his own accord? Forget it. He doesn't care one bit. He will tell you he does. But I honestly can't remember the last time he did.


It's not like this is the first kid I've had to do this with! You'd think by the third child I'd at least have some ammo in my possession that would help speed things along.

I don't know where to go from here.

We've done potty charts that work toward special prizes. Scheduled potty breaks. MAJOR potty success dances. (Seriously, my potty dances are awesome...Just ask. I'll show you.) Going commando for the day. Calling special people on the phone. etc.

I am now accepting applications for a Potty Training Specialist.

That's right people. If I could hire it out, I just very well might. Probably not, but I'd sure dream about it A LOT.

At the very least I will take any and all advice from anyone. I have to believe there is something out there that is going to click with the cute, stubborn, 3 year old. (You've got to through the "cute" in there, it helps make the clean up worth the kid )


mae said...

Hey! I linked over to your blog from Jacki's. So cute!

As far as the potty training goes...you're more seasoned than I. I only have 1 under my belt and it was pretty much just a frustrating blur. Sounds like you've tried everything under the sun...good luck :)

BJ said...

If you find a specalist, let me know. I am having problems with my youngest. We have been working on it since February.

Colle said...
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Colle said...

Potty Training is such a joy! Yeah I have no wisdom for you. I wish I did. I have potty issues of my own going on. So good luck in your quest for potty help.

PS sorry i just deleted my first comment because it had major spelling issues.

Lawson Family said...

I am so sorry, Em! That is frustration beyond words (though you did a pretty good job explaining it right here). My only thought is that he stay clean in public places SO even though he could care less at home, he will probably stay clean for preschool!

Anonymous said...

You have my deepest sympathies. I would be happy to send a copy of that book I'm going to write, "1001Ways to Potty Train a Child That Didn't Work For Me But Might For You." Sure to be a best seller. Young Son 1 took years to get the hang of things so Young Son 2 is going to be training himself. He can go to college in diapers. :) Good luck! My shoulder is here for crying anytime.

Chrissy said...

"Oh come on, potty training is no big deal... all of my kids just figured it out by themselves at 9 months..." Don't you just want to smack those people? :) No great advice here, just a comforting reminder that boys are tough to potty train. My pediatrician told me that sometimes they aren't physiologically ready until closer to 4. A great comfort when my own stubborn 3 year old was insisting on diapers... I would really like to see that potty dance though. Sounds awesome. And just for the record, I think anyone who says their kid was potty trained before 2 years old is lying their butt off! :)

Boe said...


I'm on baby six and still don't have it figured out. NOT EVEN CLOSE! I too went searching this time for new ideas and helps with no avail. Each SPECIAL spirit has their own personality as you know and with that comes their own challenges in the potty training area. I'm pretty much just giving up for now (I just can't deal with all the mess sometimes diapers really are easier). I'm figuring that when they're ready they all EVENTUALLY figure it out...right?! There's just no rushing some things. LOVE YA! Potty Training is has got to be one of the top ten joys of motherhood (HA HA) GOOD LUCK let me know if you find anything new that works! Nicki

Tobi said...

Another mom at playgroup was lamenting that my three year old is potty trained and hers is not even close. I laughed and said, "Yeah, I just wish my seven year old was potty trained."

The perfect prize (a plastic sword) was the thing that finally turned the switch for Adam. Hopefully soon T. will recognize the value of your potty dance (that I totally want to see!).

Brianna said...

Booooo for potty training! I HATE IT!!! Jordyn may be in diapers until she moves out.

I think you are doing everything right, but T just needs some time to be sure it is all his idea... hang in there!