Friday, June 18, 2010

The last days

Karaia & Beckham have both completed and celebrated another year in education!

Beckham graduated from pre-school.

Karaia graduated from 1st grade.

Way to go, Kids!!!!

Karaia's 1st grade grade end of year program was on May 26. They sang a lot of cute songs with TONS of actions. I can't believe how hard these kids worked. They probably sang close to 20 songs. In between the songs they would impart lines of wisdom or eye rolling "Dad jokes" as we like to call them around the house.

You know, jokes that are kind of lame and kind of funny.

Karaia did wonderful. She was thrilled to have me, her brothers, Grandma Candance, Grandma Great Cathy, and Nana in the audience.

Beckham's graduation was May 27. They preformed some poems, cute songs, and each kid had a line or two of narrative.Beckham ate up all the attention and did awesome.

Miss Cynthia gave them "year books" at the end that are basically a scrapbook of the year. It is a treasured item at our house.

1st grade ended June 4th. 
This is Karaia on her last day of school.

We continued the Welcome Summer banner breaking for Karaia this year. We've decided it will be for elementary aged students. However, Karaia was a little embarrassed to have everyone watching her run through and got out her teenage attitude, sauntered over to the banner, kept her head down, and begrudgingly made contact with it. The banner didn't even rip.Totally NOT the picture moment I was hoping for.
( Throwing a little fit over a super fun tradition)
(a forced photo opt of a kid excited about summer)

So I put it back up and asked Beckham if he wanted a shot at the banner. He didn't even hesitate and geared up for a big run and a huge tear. When Karaia realized that she all of the sudden found her passion for breaking banners and was mad Beckham was going to do it. Hopefully she'll remember that for next year.
(Setting the stage again...see Beckham checking out his angles?)
(Same technique, a LOT more passion)

(it didn't rip as much as he wanted, but he took care of that!)

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Chrissy said...

Yea for all the new posts. :) I love the tradition of breaking the banner! That is really fun, and hopefully Karaia won't mind sharing next year when Beckham is in Elem. too.