Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today is Father's Day.

I have been thinking a lot about father's, mine---Earthly and Heavenly, Kevin's, my children's, and the relationship they bring in my life.

Of course my first memories of fathers involve my dad. Poor guy was surrounded by girls his entire life. He only had two sisters and then went on to have three daughters. We always joked that even our pets were girls.

You would think that, perhaps, all the femininity would make him extreme on one end or the other. Either a super, super macho guy or one who was slightly effeminate. But Dad is a perfect blend of the best of both worlds. He played football in high school, always had sports on T.V. while we were growing up, and taught me how to make a football spiral. He is also the man who taught me to love musicals and the finer arts.

He never yelled but could command control of his hormonal daughters with a kind word or a stern look.

He was a great example of a wonderful father.

Close behind my thoughts of my dad come thoughts of my husband. The kids adore him. There is something about dads that make them WAY more fun than a mom. Even little Sanders has already discovered this unwritten rule and makes a bee line for the door as soon as he hears the garage door opener. Then the wrestling begins. All four kids atop one lone man.

You know what?

Kev loves every minute of it.

He has a way of teaching kids a new chore that makes it seem like a privilege to do it.

He also takes, all four of them, on errands. I just think that's amazing. I try and avoid that scenario at all costs. But it doesn't even phase him.

I know my children are loved and well cared for if ever I need a night off.

Kevin is very special in our lives and we are grateful every day for him.

That brings me to my Heavenly Father.

Being a parent provides an opportunity to understand Heavenly Father with new eyes. When I am frustrated by current poor behaviors my children are favoring, I am reminded how many "second chances" my Father in Heaven affords me.

I really try to parent as I think He would.

Am I perfect. Heavens no. Not even close.

In fact, it seems  a large part of my daily prayers consist of begging for forgiveness for the lack of parenting as I know I should. It's a hard job but it makes me more grateful for the times I can recognize the compassion and the tough love I have been given by Heavenly Father.

I am grateful for the Fathers in my life and hope they know just how much they better my life.

Happy Fathers Day!!!

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