Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rock Stars

Yesterday evening we went to a sod party. My step-sister Amy is surprising her kids with grass for their 10,000 sq foot backyard while they are in Disneyland with their dad.

When we first got there and saw the expanse of dust, dirt, and rocks in an overwhelmingly large, hot backyard, the kids were less than enthusiastic. Karaia immediately ran under the deck exclaiming,"The sun makes my head hurt!" Which lead to much pouting and whining about having to pick up rocks.

Thankfully, Beckham (I know Beckham!) was really into helping the big guys out and quickly switched from the "baby" job of picking up rocks to the manly job of laying the sod. He was even lifting rolls of sod all by himself!

As soon as Karaia realized Beckham was having fun while helping she quickly forgot about herself and began lifting and carrying the rolls of sod too! They did so awesome. I called them Rock Stars all evening.  I couldn't believe how strong they were! Those sod rolls are heavy.

I was SO proud of them for serving in such a happy way.

I was proud of Karaia for turning her whole attitude around and I was proud of Beckham for starting out with a good attitude.

This morning we talked about how when we serve others we are really serving Jesus. Beckham got teary eyed (he is my son after all) and said, "Mom, when I say,'I'm grateful I could help.' I start to cry and my heart feels warm."

That's every mother's wish come true right there. To know your children are happy to serve and they are learning from the Holy Ghost.

Thank you, Amy for such a wonderful opportunity for my kids!


Mary said...

What a neat experience!

Lawson Family said...

That's so great, Em! What a wonderful experience for everyone. This will be a nice reference point from here on out!

AmyPoll said...

Thank you, Kevin, and your kids for helping!!! I couldn't have done it without you...you are an AMAZING mom and I hope to become more like you every day!!!