Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tennyson's birthday

Tennyson turned THREE June 15!

We had his family party a few days before on the 13th. We LOVE having family over. Tennyson was a bit confused by having the party a little early and kept asking, "Am I three now?"

Tennyson, you REALLY wanted a strawberry birthday cake. You wanted it to taste like strawberries....which means pink, strawberry, frosting. It's hard to make a little boys cake when pink is one of the main colors. I brainstormed forever! I decided to combine your love of Star Wars with your adoration for strawberries.

It's Darth Vader's light saber.....or the best rendition of it I could create. You were over joyed! 

For the family party we had, well, your family, streamers, and balloons. You felt so big and special.

So big, in fact, that you just HAD to capture the moment yourself. You asked for the camera. Here are a few samples of your handy work

Tennyson, your family loves you very much. They all knew just exactly what you would love. The things you love, love, love this year are anything Star Wars, anything that shoots, motor vehicles, and Toy Story.
You are a very handsome little guy. You wanted to stay in your church clothes for your birthday. Normally I make you change right when you get home. But it was your birthday after all. I tried to take a picture of your G-Qness but you are very opposed to actually looking at the camera.

You really understood, this year, that you and your Grandpa Jim have the same birthday. It's a pretty wonderful thing and I am so grateful you are starting to appreciate it.

I wanted to make a cake for Grandpa too, but the frosting was being grumpy and so the cake ended up being decorated with only his name. Pretend it's a golf scene instead. Grandpa turned 54 this year.

You had your first friend party this year! On your actual third birthday. I wanted to keep it really simple because you and your friends are only 3. We had a water party with a slip n' slide, a sprinkler, water guns, and water balloons.

We invited the older next door neighbor girls to help focus the chaos and they were FANTASTIC. You and all your friends had the best time with them. They helped everyone enjoy the slip n' slide and they were great targets for the water guns.

 After a little lunch, we had some cupcakes....strawberry flavored of course!

Later that day, I wanted to take pictures of you. I wanted to document the actual day my Mr. T turned 3. Oh, Mr. T, I hope some day you will show your heart melting smile to the camera. Out of the 40 pictures I took (thank you digital cameras!) these highlighted the experience the best.

"Fine, I'll look at the camera......."

not too bad!
 This is what happens when I ask you to show me your eyes (meaning look at the camera)

Are you done?

Tennyson, I love you so much! You are my little buddy. You like to do everything with me. 

You do NOT like to sleep in. 

You are addicted to candy.

You prefer to play with someone.

You are fantastic playing games all by yourself on the computer. 

You love to help unload the dish washer. 

You get excited about everything!

You are so loving and sweet and I am humbled I am your mom.

I love you Mr. T!

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