Friday, January 15, 2010


I've been telling people for weeks that, "today is the day" that I would mail my fabric designs to a different manufacturer. Alas, something would come up (read: I would make some lame excuse) and it wouldn't happen.

Also, I haven't been sleeping well and eating a WHOLE lot more. Am I proud. Oh no. Am I honest. Always try to be.

So that's what I've been doing.

Way to make the most of your life, Em. Nice.

But tomorrow. Tomorrow I will swallow my, fear isn't the right word, my anxiety and actually mail my designs. They are in the envelope and almost ready to go.

I am just hoping it isn't an abysmal failure like last time. Just a little shred of positivity that this could actually come true is all I need.

I would love to be able to sleep again at night and to stop ignoring my goals by eating things that do nothing to help me NOT look like I've had four kids.

Someday this will all be a memory, maybe not a fond one, but a life changing one for sure.


Chrissy said...

Go Em, Go!!! You can do it! You are going to be a well-known designer someday, as long as you actually submit those great designs. :)

You inspire me and I have every faith in your abilities. Maybe I will call you tomorrow and ask if you've mailed that envelope off yet...

Lawson Family said...

I know it's super cheesy always need rain before a rainbow! I can't wait for this to happen for you...then I can use the fabric!

Tobi said...

Put on that stamp! You can do it!

Sabina said...

You can do it! It may take lots of tries, but II believe in you. I admire your vision, determination and guts.

AmyPoll said... prayers are with you and Beckham. You both will pull through this and come out stronger than you already were.

Danica said...

Did you get your fabric mailed before "the incident?" If you didn't, this time is no lame excuse. I hope Beckham is doing well, and you too. LOVE YOU!

lori said...

Oh no. What happened?

Good luck!!!!