Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Time for a trim

Sanders reached the point of, commit to a long hair style, or go short, but choose already will you!! I actually really like longer hair on boys, not hippie, but longer. With Sanders, however, it had those baby fine straggly ends and was starting to look wild.

(Most of these are fuzzy, but so was his hair )

Yesterday, he got his first hair cut. It was no easy task. Thankfully, my mom was there to hold him

(see how much he loves it?)

and Karaia was there to distract him from trying to look at the scissors and when he was trying to see why in the heck his mom pulling his hair like that. And Beckham was there to take the pictures.

It still is barely passable as a decent hair cut. Once you know the back story with all the turning of heads just at the last. possible. second, I think you'll give it a passing grade.

Without further ado



He looks so old now! Here is all the hair, well most of it. Some of it is in a little baggy in his keepsake box. Please excuse the straw mixed in. The stool mom was sitting on sheds on occasion. Like the occasion where anyone is sitting on it.....

Kevin thinks it makes him look like he has a bigger head. I think he looks handsome......and also like he now has a huge cranium (said with a Scottish accent for all you So I Married an Axe Murder fans)

Here are some more "after" shots. He would not hold still.

I think these maybe some of my favorites, ever!


April said...

Those last pictures are so funny, but you can't see his hair.

I doubt that will be the last haircut you give... I think it turned out surprisingly well for such a wigglely subject.

Greg & Lyndi Daly said...

Those pictures are hillarious! The hair cut...awesome, good work!

You guys make such cute kids:)

Tobi said...

Our ward is doing a class on haircutting basics this month. You could totally teach...and bring your new model!

Sanders has quite the "he-ed" (in a scotish accent, too).

Brianna said...

You did great and I think you're brave to even attempt hair cuts.

I think he looks even more like Beckham now!

Chrissy said...

Aw man, he does look older. I can't believe he got a hair cut before his first birthday. I can't even get a decent whale spout pony on Lila. My poor folically challenged baby!. Also, Tobi, what a great idea for an enrichment class! Who is teaching it for you?

Megs said...

Aww, Sanders, you little giant man you! Strong work on the hair cut. I still haven't braved trying to cut a "style" on Evan, he just gets a straight up buzz.

Emilie said...

Mom, Oh I know I'll cut hair again, it just won't ever be a "first" hair cut.

Tobi, thanks for the love, but I really have NO idea what I am doing. Grab some hair, are any fingers, eyes, or ears in the way? No? OK cut!

Chrissy, Karaia was the same way. All my boys had hair....the girl, poor thing, had to wait.

Emily said...

Oh my goodness...he looks at least two years older.

Amazing what a cut can do. You have had some fun posts recently. I love to read your writing.