Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Stick together

My friend, Jaime, invited me and the kids over for dinner tonight. Her husband was at school and mine is, well, away.

It's truly lovely to spend time with someone you like but especially because you know that you are both feeling lonely and would rather not.

She is a great blessing in my life.

On the way home I asked Tennyson why he didn't eat very much, "Because I'm having a REALLY big snack at preschool on Valentine's Day so I'm trying not to eat very much."


It's true. There is a feast planned. Well a Tea Party. They are all to come in their Sunday best and practice their manners. Including leading girls into a room by the arm and all of that. It's darling and very appropriate for the Holiday of Love.

I tried to explain to him that maybe he should only do that on Tuesday and that a week of "saving room" was probably overkill. I'm not sure he bought it. This may make for very interesting meals for the next week.

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jlvance said...

so cute! I didn't know the boys were going to escort the girls by the arm .... that is awesome!

Thanks for the great night!