Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Big milestone

Two nights ago I realized that Sanders had, yet again, pushed his feet up on the railing of crib and caused the spindles to come out of their slots. Sigh. It takes FOREVER to put everything back together so I decided that is was time to get rid of the crib.

Apparently, all the big milestones with Sanders are going to happened unplanned.

We do have a bed frame for him but no mattress. We just used the crib mattress and put it on the floor.

It went just like you would expect it to. He was SUPER excited for the change and could NOT sleep or stay in bed.

Last night was better and tonight went great!

He grew up so fast.


Mary said...

Certainly sounds as though things are happening according to HIS timetable. :) What a big boy!

Nancy said...

Yes he's growing up!
We ditched the crib for the same reason - the spindles were falling out! One of the few splurges we purchased for Cody (even though he's an only child there wasn't much money back then - all baby furniture was 2nd hand) was a race car bed! It used the crib mattress which worked out great.

April Weeks said...

Why do babies of the family grow up so fast? He really has become such a little man in such a short space of time.