Friday, February 10, 2012

A new life

For the last 9 years diapers have been part of my life. Thankfully not wearing them myself ;)

Before today Sanders was accident free for 4 days! Including running to the bathroom himself. He has even been waking up dry through the night. YAY!

I said before today. You see, Kevin got home from a 2 week business trip today. That's kind of thrown off the rhythm of things. Still, I'm hopeful.

This is an end of the diapers. 9 years of diapers. It's kind of awesome!

OH, and Tennyson had been wearing pull ups at night for a long time. When Sanders started potty training Tennyson announced he would no longer be wearing pull-ups at night. I told him, "OK, I'll see you at 2 am." But I didn't! He's stayed dry every night since.


Mary said...

Yay! That's definitely something to celebrate!

Amy said...

Yay, that's great Em! I can't imagine 9 whole years straight of diapers...and in your case two in diapers at time through out those 9 years. That is something worth celebrating!

Danica said...

Yea! Right now, with three kids wearing Pull ups or diapers, life with no diapers seems like light years away.

April Weeks said...

Can you believe it! I know you hear all the time...."it goes by so fast" Wow. extra money, extra time...satifaction that children are progressing as they should.